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Why is the bill for the debt only addressed to common Americans.

Wouldn’t it be nice if globalization was what the big Econ debate was about again ? Too bad chronic unemployment and ever increasing inequity will be grabbing all the attention … Continue reading

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Rent seeking can not be stopped.

We have personal responsibilities. We have responsibilities to each other too. (not all believe the latter ) It would be nice if individuals would meet the responsibilities we have toward … Continue reading

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The “Obama Doctrine “

The “Obama Doctrine”— where we declare that it is America’s right and responsibility to punish anyone in the world that uses chemical weapons.

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The talk TED did not want you to hear.

You can hear it online now…at last.

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Matthew Yglesias. Sports reporter.

Matthew Yglesias is talking about more than sports coverage.

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May 30, 2012 · 1 Comment

Israel’s Defense Minister, Zionism Equals Apartheid.

A democratic Israel can not remain a Jewish state when Jews become a minority. Israel could incorporate the disputed lands and deny the Palestinians the right to vote, and remain Zionist, but no one could call disenfranchising half of a population on the basis of race or religion a democracy.

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Glenn Beck, Blaming America for Pearl Harbor. Accuses America of Terrorism.

Glenn Beck, Why do you hate America?

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