Gas tax holiday and “Clinton rules”

I read an intresting post over at Paul Krugman’s great blog yesterday.—Gas tax hysterics 

Reading through the comments reminded me of one of the truths of the Democratic contest. A lot of Obama supporters have come under the spell of the media’s bias in applying “Clinton Rules”.
As a liberal who favors Hill….but still loves Barack…I am distressed that so many have been “blinded by the right”.

My distress comes, in part,  from my fear that those that have lost objectivity when it comes to the politics surrounding the Clintons’ will/ are missing that a new book is being written by the right—“Obama Rules”. “Obama Rules” is already becoming the standard lens that is employed by the MSM when viewing the “issues”.

There can be no clearer example of the medias Bias toward the two parties than the way they have handled the “Gas tax Holiday” issue.

Hill the Dem was crucified over it.

McCain the repub was —once again—Given a free ride.

Obama supports beware. It matters not who the Dems run. The media will apply the rules the way it has for the past 20 years.

Obama supporters it is time for the dems to “work the referee” (the MSM)
So far many of you have been working the referee—but by reinforcing the anti dem meme


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