Sarah Palin Caught Using Crib Notes, While Mocking President for using Teleprompter.

Sometimes stories just sound too ridiculous to be believed. There are news items that if were part of the plot of a TV show, would have the audience rolling their eyes.

This is one of those stories.

Sarah Palin and her chilly hillbilly family are so constantly producing unbelievable story lines that it is stunning. If Sara Palin’s life were a sitcom America would have long grown tired over the unbelievable stupidity of it. Or maybe it would be a top ten show. In any case we would not be watching and thinking…“Ya know what? I think this Palin character is just the kind of person we need in the White House ! “…But yet, A whole lot of American think just that about her. How stupid are we?  Personally, I would vote for Liz Lemon.


2010-02-07-palinhandsmaller1.jpg(Photos AP)

For more on this story and video, click here.


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