Sarah Palin Thinks it is Funny When Rush says Retard.

When word leaked that in a fit of frustration in a private moment , Obama’s famously foul-mouthed chief of staff Ron Emanuel, called lefty Obama detractors “Fucking retarded” Sarah Palin, mother of a mentally disabled child justifiably protested. But her protest went too far in calling for Emanuel’s head. Emanuel publicly apologized. As Far as Sarah is concerned, apology NOT accepted.

Enter Rush Limbaugh. As usual Rush jumped into to the controversy mouth first. He sincerely agreed with Emanuel. He too said liberal Dems are retards. In fact he so deeply agreed that he used the “R” word 40 times.

So what happens when Rush, the king-maker, unofficial leader of Republican party and cult leader of tens of millions of wing nuts, offends Sarah Palin, the right-wing arctic Madonna, darling of the tea baggers, and possible 2012 presidential candidate? Who Blinks?

Well, after calling Rush’s use of the “r” word “Cruel and demeaning name calling” Now Sarah Palin thinks what Rush said was funny. In Palin’s own words: ” …I agree with Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh was using satire to bring attention to what this politically correct”

Palin has followed in the footsteps of every other repub that has crossed Rush, She took back her words and bowed at his feet. Rush is still king!

In Plain’s world when Ron Emanuel says retarded in the heat of the moment in private and then apologizes he is evil. But when Rush says it forty times over the airwaves to an audience of 20 million, he is funny. What a world!

Here is the audio of Rush’s “humorous” retard routine …

Not funny is it. Sarah Palin has a very weird sense of humor.

For a fairly compleat look at this whole mess, Click here.

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