Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons.

Let the newest round of bed wetting begin.

Iran told the world Tuesday it had begun enriching uranium to a higher level of purity than it has in the past. They claim to be doing so for peaceful purposes; for use in a medical reactor. So according to international law they are not doing anything wrong. The Iranians claim to have reached an enrichment level of 20%. A 80 % level is needed to make a bomb.*

So why is Obama so wee wee’d up?

Let’s be clear, the Iranians have not broken international law and are not even close to getting bomb grade uranium, but that does not stop the President and the press from hysterically calling for Iran to be punished for trying to produce nukes.

Some will say that there is nothing hysterical about trying to prevent yet one more nation from possessing nukes, and it is better to act too early rather than too late. And I agree. So let us try. But there is no requirement that we constantly blow the Iranian threat completely out of proportion. Americans are far too scared already. We are perpetually spooked.

We can’t stop them from developing Nukes. Well, short of occupying Iran with a force of several million combat troops, or by committing an act of genocide recommended by Ann Coulter, bomb them into the stone age, we can’t.  Neither of these options are politically possible. Some polls show that majorities favor taking military action to stop Iran, but only because they do not realize how large the action would need be.

Sanctions may slow them down, but nobody thinks they can stop them. Sanctions are only the stick to encourage the Iranians to take the carrot instead. (Neo Cons take note: The stick does no good without the carrot. In fact if you just use sticks the only option the other guy has is to pick up his own stick or capitulate. Why would you expect someone to capitulate when they can easily pick up a stick? ) Iran has been pushed around by western powers continuously ever since Alexander the Great toppled the Persian king Darius II in 340 BC. Even if you don’t feel an iota of sympathy for Iran, you have to understand why they would desperately want to posses a weapon that would keep them from ever being invaded again.

If Iran wants nuclear weapons, Iran will get nuclear weapons. Is there any doubt that they want them?

Now don’t go running from the room screaming. There is no rational reason to believe that just because Iran gets nukes it will use them.

People that believe that Iran will start lobbing atomic weapons at Israel at their first opportunity fail to take into consideration four things. First Israel is a “Holy Land” not just to Christians and Jews but to Muslims too. A Theocracy is not about to vaporize some of it’s most sacred sites. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is the third holiest place in Islam. Second, nuking Israel would also be nuking Palestine and all the Palestinians. Third, Iran’s closest allies in the world, Hezbollah, in southern Lebanon would be obliterated too. Fourth and most compellingly, Israel would strike back. Israel has 65 to 85 nuclear weapons, more than enough to make Iran uninhabitable. Iran would have to be controlled by suicidal-blood-thirsty-sub-human-mad-men to drop the bomb on Israel.

Of course If you believe that Iran is controlled by suicidal-blood-thirsty-sub-human-mad-men, then you may as well pee your self now. Or you can consider what Juan Cole has to say about it.

For a look at the bright side of Iran getting nukes, go here.

* A Bomb theoretically can be made from 20% pure fissionable material. (Uranium or Plutonium) The blast of a bomb made with 20% fissionable  material would be about the same as a large conventional bomb. Of course a bomb like this would have the added killing power of radiation. Keep this in mind when you hear that Iran can now produce nukes, and you will hear it.

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