Will Sarah Palin Be Offended by The Family Guy’s Satire ?

Sarah Palin Thinks it is Funny When Rush says Retard… part two.

As we already blogged about , On Sunday February 7th , Sarah Palin did a stunningly hypocritical flip-flop, telling Chris Wallace that it was wrong of Rahm Emanual to use the “r” word, But it was funny, “satire”  when Rush used the “r” word. (Video top right, Schizophrenic Sarah.)

Palin has a cult like following. It is always personally entertaining for me to watch how, time after time, they twist their perception of reality to conform with their Conservative Madonnas insanity. This incident was not a disappointment. Comment sections all over the web were littered with the  bizarre twisted rationalizations by the Cult of Palin for their masters messed up encyclical. Enter The Family Guy.

Last night on The Family Guy, Chris, goes on a date with a mentally disabled girl. Over the course of the date She tells him :“My dad’s an accountant, and my mom’s the former governor of Alaska.” It seems clear that the shows creator, Seth MacFarlane, is baiting a trap for Palin. I think he would love to get into a highly public war of words with Palin. All this story needs to erupt into a huge headline grabber is for Palin to protest.

Will Sarah take the bait? We can only hope. But her cult has preëmptively swallowed it. The hook is in deep. They are at this moment out in numbers spinning their hypocritical victimhood  on the threads of the major sites. Sooooo funny.

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