Right-Wing Terrorist Crashes Plane into IRS Building.Teabagger Hate Bears fruit.

HuffPo has the story here.

Austin Plane Crash

Initial official reports are that this does not seem to be an act of terrorism, but the investigation is far form compleat and any pronouncements are premature. But what should it be called when a man, Joe Stack, goes Kamikaze in order attack our government for political reasons if not terrorism?

The Kamikaze Terrorist  Joe Stack  left a long rant on the internet that leaves no doubt that this was political violence. Here is an excerpt of his statement.

“We are all taught as children that without laws there would be no society, only anarchy. Sadly, starting at early ages we in this country have been brainwashed to believe that, in return for our dedication and service, our government stands for justice for all. We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place, and that we should be ready to lay our lives down for the noble principals represented by its founding fathers. Remember? One of these was “no taxation without representation”. I have spent the total years of my adulthood unlearning that crap from only a few years of my childhood. These days anyone who really stands up for that principal is promptly labeled a “crackpot”, traitor and worse.”

Full Joe Stack statement here.

From this quote the connection to the teabagger movement and its pro-revolutionary, “The American government is illegitimate”, rhetoric is unmistakable.

Right wing terrorism has once again hit America. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for those teabaggers that through their acts and language incite violence.



Hopefully this will be a wake up call, but more likely it will embolden wing-nuttiest of them.

Some questions come to mind. For all of you right-wingers that have advocated shredding our Constitution and torture because, “THE TERRORIST ARE TYING TO KILL US”. Do you still advocate government wire taps, no habeas corpus , and torture for suspected terrorists ? Or is that approach only OK if the terrorist are Muslims?

Just asking.

Update…The FBI is ordering that the full political suicide statement by Joe Stack the Kamikaze terrorist be taken down off the web. I have it safely archived.

Update 2…. I think this name is gonna stick : Joe the domestic terrorist.

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