Obama to Write Own Reconciliation Friendly Health Bill.

Earlier today I blogged about the growing momentum in the Senate to pass a health care reform bill through the reconciliation process.

I wondered if Obama would throw sand into the gears of the non- bipartisan  reconciliation process.

I wondered if our President, would place bipartisanship above the need to pass real reform when he goes on national television to talk with the repubs on the 25th.

I need not have wondered.

From the New York Times:

“Democratic officials said the president’s proposal was being written so that it could be attached to a budget bill as a way of averting a Republican filibuster in the Senate. The procedure, known as budget reconciliation, would let Democrats advance the bill with a simple majority rather than a 60-vote supermajority.”

Full story here.

Whew ! The president is on board with getting it done the only way it can get done.

Now let us all hope that his proposal is not a watered down cave in to repub demands.

I doubt it will have a public option, despite the public’s support for it.


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