‘Filegate’ after fourteen years ‘there’s no there there.’

From WaPo,

Clinton-era Filegate appears to have closed, 14 years on.

Filegate  “…allegations that the administration conspired to use the FBI for a political witch hunt…Filegate, one of the many “-gates” of the Clinton administration, looks to be over — after a 14-year run…U.S. District Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth tossed the case. “After years of litigation, endless depositions, the fictionalized portrayal of this lawsuit and its litigants on television,” Lamberth concluded in a 28-page opinion, “this court is left to conclude that with the lawsuit, to quote Gertrude Stein, ‘there’s no there there.’ “

Are liberals somehow fundamentally unable to organize and maintain “fanciful, unglued attacks against” Republicans?

Fighting with the truth as your weapon as Media Matters does so well is great. But IMO, unless we are fighting on all levels we are ceding part of the constituency. After what we have witnessed in Obama’s first year there can be no denying that the Repubs still are able to create memes and media narratives, far better than the Dems. And they do it through the basest means; by appealing to the worst in us.
Of course we have MM, Hufpo, Koz, 538, TMP, and many other fine organizations that do a great job of turning the truth into memes and narratives. (just think how terrifyingly dark it would be in America with out them) But we do not have a ANY organized or funded effort to out right lie, and misinform.
Big mistake.

I think there is a logic in the minds of liberals that prevents us from simultaneously telling the truth and telling lies.

This affliction, obviously, does not hinder the average repub.
I am not advocating that MM and koz and all the rest become liberal versions of FOX, ushering in an age of universal Orwellian Newspeaking (Fox and Msnbc are alike in that they are both partisan, but unalike in that Fox is not overly concerned with the truth, and MSNBC for the most part is. )
But what Must happen if we are to be able to fight the repub-con corporatist on a more equal footing is for a liberal ends justify the means, lying smear machine to be funded by some rich ego driven Machiavellian liberals and fear based fund-raising.


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