Hey Super Rich Liberals, Democrats need a lie machine.

It is all about manipulating the Main Stream Media,(MSM) .

When the Fairness Doctrine was gutted, ushering in the era of the “Free Market of Ideas”, it was the repubs who first realized that just like any other market, When it comes to selling abstractions,the facts are too hard to pin down, but sensationalism sells. The left was left behind.
The left has become better at turning reality into sensational narratives. But considering the very ugly the reality that eight years of Bush have supplied, our job has been easy, yet still we find ourselves being neutralized by the wing-nut machine.

The arrow we are lacking in our quiver is the power of the lie.
Repubs have an arsenal of big lies. lies that have been cultivated for decades. Even when these lies are exposed as falsies by events in reality, the Republicans don’t abandon them.
Even the most obvious reality is never simple when put under a microscope. Repubs are masters at looking under the microscope and lying about what they see and they always ‘see” the same things…Proof that their big lies were right after all.

The MSM treats every issue as if each side has equally valid points. They operate as if it is their job to present both sides of the case and then let the Public decide. They have abandoned their jobs as truth seekers.

So we have a situation where one side is dealing in truth while the other pushes more and more lies and a press that splits the difference. What is half way in between the truth and a lie?
A lie.
If both sides lie, the middle point is still a lie. There is no longer a truth continuum. But there is still a right / left emotional continuum to consider. A dem lie machine could go along way in moving peoples perceptions toward the left.

There is no reason we can not deal in truth, while simultaneously on other levels through alternative venues, lie our asses off….

PS…Bringing back the fairness doctrine is not a viable solution. It is not gonna happen, and with the internet explosion in media streams it would be impossible anyway.


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