PolitiFact Wrong on Reconciliation, Calls Obama a Hypocrite.

PolitiFact gives  Obama a “full flop” on reconciliation largely based on this,

“But the fact is, the health care bill is not getting any Republican support, and Obama is pressing forward with a plan to push through a health care plan without them, and without a 60-vote majority.

But the politi-FACT is that the Senate passed their health care bill with a 60 vote majority. And if a health care plan is to become the law of the land, the house will have to pass that same bill.

In fact news reports yesterday had the Senate parliamentarian ruling that the President must sign the bill into law before reconciliation can even take place.
Therefor it is incorrect for PolitiFact to conclude that Obama is pushing through a healthcare plan with out a 60 vote majority.

An attempt to use reconciliation to augment the bill in a manner completely consistent with how reconcilliation has been used in the past will be made. So if PolitiFact wants to give Obama a full flip on reconciliation based on his approving of augmenting a health care plan, not passing a health care plan, They may have a case. I wonder how they would rule if they took the proper, narrower focus?  I doubt that PolitiFact will find quotes of Obama trashing the traditional use of reconciliation.  I could be wrong. Anybody got any?

At the very least PolitiFact is guilty of sensationalism. Now that is what I call hypocrisy.


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