Glenn Beck, Blaming America for Pearl Harbor. Accuses America of Terrorism.

Beck says, Pearl Harbor was bombed…

“because Woodrow Wilson told England, ‘You need to align yourself with us and not Japan…So we humiliated Japan, So it was terror, the progressives (Americans) started it.”

Audio here

Thanks Glenn, and all this time I thought Japan was responsible when they dropped bombs on our ships and strafed our sailors with bullets. I thought it was the Japanese who crippled our navy , and killed or wounded almost 4000 American servicemen.

Who knew they were just fighting back against American terrorism. Now I know that it was all our fault, thanks to you Glenn.

I guess when you look at the way you do Mr. Beck, you would have to conclude that the attack on the twin towers on 9/11 was Americas fault too. Al Qade and Osama, were forced to do it because of Bush’s support for Israel. How humiliating for them. They were just fighting back against the terror  by the conservatives. This conclusion is inescapable if a guy thinks like you do Mr. Beck.

Glenn Beck, Why do you hate America?


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