Matthew Yglesias. Sports reporter.

Matthew Yglesias is talking about more than sports coverage.

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Israel’s Defense Minister, Zionism Equals Apartheid.

A democratic Israel can not remain a Jewish state when Jews become a minority. Israel could incorporate the disputed lands and deny the Palestinians the right to vote, and remain Zionist, but no one could call disenfranchising half of a population on the basis of race or religion a democracy.

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PolitiFact Wrong on Reconciliation, Calls Obama a Hypocrite.

PolitiFact givesĀ  Obama a “full flop” on reconciliation largely based on this, “But the fact is, the health care bill is not getting any Republican support, and Obama is pressing forward with a plan to push through a health care plan without them, and without a 60-vote majority.“ But the politi-FACT is that the Senate…

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